Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kaitlyn's Allergy Appointment

Went, um, interesting.

Kaitlyn had the allergy skin test done.  Which kinda sucked, but wasn't the end of the world.  The idea was we could find out exactly what she was allergic too and how bad, then start the allergy shots to correct it, which would help the sinuses and prevent surgery.

So, I had to hold her while they scratched her with all the allergens and then hold her arms steady for 20 minutes so that she wouldn't scratch.  After the first 2 min, she did great. 

Guess what she's allergic too.  Absolutely nothing.  The kid who has been treated for severe allergies for the past 3 years does not suffer from allergies of any kind.

Which put us back to the drawing board.  She agreed the sinuses were horrific and were going to cause long term damage if we don't figure out what is wrong and soon so it can be corrected.

She said it's obvious Kaitlyn has bad asthma.  She could hear the wheezing and it could be partly because of the sinuses or causing the sinus problem.  Only way to find out is it aggressively treat it to find out. 

For the asthma we are upping the doseage of singuilar at night.  Adding symbicort, and increasing the nasal spray.

She also thinks Kaitlyn has silent reflux.  So, she is going on a disolvable prevacid. 

Hopefully that's the solution.  Next steps would be testing for cystic fibrosis (which is really unlikely) or Auto Immune Deficiency (also unlikely).

We return to see them on July 6 for the next step.


nbrandusa said...

Oh gosh that must be so frustrating...poor Kaitlyn, I hope they are able to find some answers/solutions soon and she'll feel better! :(

Drea said...

What is silent reflux? Have you thought about an air purifier and humidifier? We use humidifiers for both the kids and Andrew. We have thought about investing in the purifier.

DaphneB said...

How frustrating to go through all that and then not have any resolution. =/ Hope they figure it out soon...