Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We're back in the hospital


Well, we're back at Mercy San Juan. While I took Kaitlyn to a photo shoot this morning, Daddy noticed Matthew was a little warm and took his temperature. Over the course of an hour,it fluctuated from99.1 to 102. When I got home, it was normal, but figured we should take him in anyways. The doctor recommended getting him to the ER ASAP.

The ER was not fun. From 3 PM to 11 PM Matthew had an IV inserted, urine taken, chest x-ray, blood drawn and a spinal tap. Honestly, surprisingly enough the spinal was the easiest part!

During our time in the ER, Matthew's heart rate was sky high over 200 and he was showing some problems with his oxygen levels and needed a tiny bit of help with oxygen.

Nearly all of the tests came back normal. Well, the chest x-ray still shows significant lung disease, but we figured it would.

As the doctor drew the spinal fluid, she was concerned immediately. It should be crystal clear and thin. It was thin (thank god, thick is usually bacterial meningitis) but it was yellow. The culture showed a possibility of viral meningitis and that his glucose was really low while protein was really high.

So, we are in the pediatric level of the hospital where we will be for a day or two (room5126B) while Matthew gets fluids and lots of antibiotics while having his stats monitored.

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