Sunday, September 2, 2007

Matthew is HOME!

After 91 days of being regulars at Mercy San Juan and 26 days as a resident of the NICU, Matthew is finally home where he belongs.

Yesterday, we took a CPR class with Kaitlyn at the hospital and then he was free to go home with us.

He passed his car seat challenge, which is great. He hasn't had any apnea spells which is even better news.

We were given our long list of discharge instructions before we could verify he was our son and we could take him home.

Some of the things we were told included being sure not to take him to any public place for at least 2 months, to make sure that EVERYONE that visits washes and sanitizes their hands before touching him, make sure that anyone who sees him that smokes washes their hands, face and changes thier clothes. We want to be sure that no one kisses his hands or face. If someone wants to kiss him, the feet are the best place. We need to keep him away from people who are sick, might be sick or have been exposed to sickness.

Matthew will see his pediatrition next week and it's been recommended that gets the synagis vaccine to prevent from getting RSV and everyone in the house (and those who will see him regularly) get the Flu shot this season. He will also probably start iron suppliments.

Because Matthew is a preemie with lung disease, we have to be very careful to keep him healthy. A simple cold can easily result in him being readmitted to the NICU and that is not something we want.

Our first night was good. Matthew likes to be held. All the time. The only way he would sleep is if he was held. He's eating really good. We're nursing and following up with some Expressed Breast Milk just so I know he's getting a good amount of food.

Kaitlyn adores him. She wants to check on him all the time.

If you want to come and visit, give us a call or e-mail :D

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