Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Matthew's First Doctor's Appointment

We're back from Matthew's first doctor's appointment since being discharged.

Matthew's goal was to gain 1 ounce per day since leaving the NICU. He is up to 6 pounds 8 ounces which means he's gaining about 1.3 ounces per day which is AWESOME! The ped was really surprised and happy I was still breastfeeding. Evidently, mother's typically go to formula after the first 2 weeks in the NICU.

Matthew is also getting long. He is at 19.5 inches long! That's an inch and a half of growth in a little over 4 weeks.

When Matthew is measured against growth charts, he will be measured by actual age and adjusted age. Right now, his actual age is a month (as of tomorrow!) and his adjusted age is 37 weeks gestation. That's right, he still has 3 weeks before he'll even be born. So, for the next three weeks, his adjusted age will be newborn.

For his actual age, Matthew is in the 3% for weight, 3% for height and 97% for head circumference! For his adjusted age he woud be in the 21% for weight, 43% for height and off the charts for head circumference.

Matthew will be seen every week for weight checks for the next couple of months, then every other week for the next few months all to monitor his weight.

On Monday morning, Matthew will be circumsized. We're hoping the appointment goes well and he is feeling fine right after.

When Matthew is 4 months actual, he will be seen by a specialist to verify that his feet, ankles and hips all developed properly. With the combination of being a pPROM baby and frank breech, the chances are high that he might need help but we won't know anything for a few more months.

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