Saturday, September 21, 2013

Matthew's Website

With 5 days left until the 6 year anniversary of Matthew's due date, I went to visit his website.

I discovered it wouldn't connect.

I did a google search.  Perhaps, they were having technical difficulties.

They were.  The difficulties were that the owner/creator of, the website I used for Kaitlyn and Matthew's first websites decided to charge everyone their fees, close down the site and take off.

It's gone.  Most cannot get any content back.

I'm fortunate in that there is a "way back machine" website that shows you cached versions of websites.  I'm doing my best to copy and paste it into word for now so that I can create a new website in his honor.

I cannot get back any of the pictures that were stored there.  Or the captions for each one.  Or any of the comments.  Many of the story pages are gone.  Fortunately, most of them are backed up on this blog already.

But.  I'm disgusted.  Annoyed.  Sick to my stomach. And incredibly angry.

Wish me luck.


Amanda Bonham said...

That is tragic! Im so sorry love! Hoping for you to retain as much as you can from what you have.

Laura McCannell said...

That person/company is due some serious karma. :/

Sorry you can't get the photos and comments back. Those things are so helpful.