Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Samantha's 18 month appointment

Last week, we had Samantha's 18 month appointment.  Overall, it went well.  She's growing like crazy, talking up a storm and is a pretty healthy little girl.

Samantha now weighs 23.8 lbs (41%), is 33 inches long (85%) and her head is 48 cm around (85%).

She didn't love getting a shot, but she also got over it really quick.  The nurse was grateful to her for being such an easy patient that day.  She was calm and quiet for the entire exam.  Of course, until we put her on the table and she could play with the fun, crinkly paper. 

We decided to try her off of the allergy medicine.  She doesn't seem to act too much differently when she takes it and doesn't, except for the drowsy aspect.  So, our hopes are it stays that way and if something changes, we'll put her back on it.

We also discussed her continued constipation problem.  He is concerned about it and suggested Samantha sees a pediatric GI.  He wrote a referral and they have made an appointment for the end of June.  Later that evening, he called and requested she had some blood work done just to rule out thyroid problems or celiac disease.

Samantha went and had her blood drawn and did AMAZING.  I'll tell you, I was upset by the idea of and terrified to take her.  I figured she would cry, I would have to hold her down and it would just be miserable.  Boy, was I wrong.  She did great, didn't even cry!  Now, she wasn't happy about it.  And she gave some dirty looks, but I'm sure she felt it was justified.

And let me tell you, in the last two weeks, her vocabulary has had another explosion!  It's amazing to watch!

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