Thursday, December 29, 2011


As 2011 come to an end, it's pretty traditional to reflect on the resolutions of the past year and to decide on resolutions for the one beginning.  The old saying, out with the old and in with the new, is pretty commonly heard these days, although I don't find it to be necessarily the best.  I mean, far too often, new is not always better.  New needs to work out the quirks and wrinkles to become the best, and why leave something that is working so well in exchange for something that may not work at all?

My resolutions last year were:  Live for today, concentrating on the positive people in our lives and get healthier.  Overall, I think I've done pretty good.  We make the most of every day and enjoy the busy days as much as the lazy ones.  We've spent more time and energy on those that are positive aspects in our lives and sometimes I am healthier ;).

I think my New Year's resolution this year is similar to those last year and an underwritten tone I had in 2011, striving for simplicity.  I think so far I've done a pretty good job of it.  My goal has been to make life simpler.  To me, that means a life without constant drama, a life with good friends and family, events that are more intimate to make things more personal and to concentrate on those things that really matter.

I've started the sometimes uncomfortable battle of weeding out the negative in our lives, saying good-bye to relationships that have been outgrown or are the result of feeling an obligation rather than a bond.  I've done what I can to end the issues of drama and being the doormat that is passive aggressive when something is bothering me rather than just out and out saying what exactly is bothering me to whoever it is.  We have one life, we have one chance and no one knows how long that life will last, so why waste time or energy on things that are not adding something positive to your life?  

I think I reached a point where I felt less lonely in a room of dozens of people than in a room with just a few.  It provided more of a distraction when that was all I felt I needed.  Does that make it right or healthy?  Absolutely not.  This year, I've wanted to expand and deepen the relationships that were really important to me.  Which meant I had to admit that I'm not a superhero with unlimited hours and energy.  I had to make a decision, is it more important to have superficial relationships with many or deep relationships with much fewer?  To me, having deep relationships just meant more.  I wanted to focus on those that had been such a source of support, those I trusted, those who I enjoyed spending time with, who I respected and who I thought were not only good for me to be around, but good for my kids too.

I want 2012 to continue the simplicity.  I want to focus on what matters, I want to spend less time in the car jumping from event to event and I want to spend even more quality time with our girls.  The weekends have become so valuable to me.  With Kaitlyn in school until 3:30 every, single day, and us getting home just a short time before it gets dark only to start homework, dinner and bedtime routines, I want to really enjoy the weekend with her.

I wish the same for everyone I've ever known, anyone that reads this and anyone who knows any of those people.  My wish for you this year is for a year of peace, of happiness and of joyful beginnings.

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