Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Verdict

Today, the case that rocked the media for the past month about the little girl who stole our hearts 3 years ago came to an end.  Caylee Marie Anthony's life was taken from her much too soon.   She was murdered and not even given the benefit of a decent burial.  Her life ended far too early with so much more to see and learn.  Her passing is a reminder that not everyone is meant to be a parent and reminds us to hug our little ones tightly.

I personally don't understand how someone could ever hurt a child.  They are so innocent, so sweet, so trusting and so beautiful.  The loss of a child isn't something I would wish on anyone, and the thought of someone harming or killing their own child makes me physically ill.

I do not believe the jury had much of a choice in handing down a verdict of not guilty.  I believe she's guilty.  I believe she killed her little girl for selfish, screwed up reasons.  I believe she's a crazy nut job.  I believe she is deserving of a slow, painful, torturous death.

However, I am a BIG supporter of our justice system.  I believe in the right to be tried in front of a jury of our peers.  I believe in our right to be represented by an educated individual or team who do what they can to ensure that we are given our rights, due process and the freedom to represent ourselves to the best of our ability in the courts.  I also believe that our peers should judge us based on the evidence provided in that court room.  The evidence that is permissible by the law.

By utilizing our justice system properly, we allow the innocent to go free.  While I agree that there are probably many innocent people in jail and many guilty roaming the streets, I believe that the way our justice system is set up to be allows fewer innocent to be convicted and fewer guilty to be causing additional mischief.  However, I do believe that our system is becoming corrupt and the more money you have, the more likely you are to go free regardless of guilt, but that's a different story for a different day.

In this case, I do believe that the prosecution failed to prove their case, were over ambitious, and poorly prepared and just overall did an awful job presenting the facts of the case and keeping out the ambiguous and ridiculous tales of make believes and lies.  I mean really, there was no need to do a paternity test on the brother or to have it become evidence in the trial.  Seriously.

I do believe that the jurors of the trial, the ones that sat through all the testimony, saw the grotesque photos of a decomposed child, watched Casey Anthony giggle and laugh through the trial, and listened to expert after expert wanted nothing more than to get justice for that precious little girl.  I'm sure they felt she was guilty as all hell.  I'm sure they wanted nothing more than for her to rot in a small concrete cell before that needle of death was injected in her arm.  I know that's what I wanted.

The jurors will have to live with those visions in their minds forever.  They will have to live with knowing that they couldn't do what they wanted.

BUT, our justice system is not about making decisions based on what you feel or your gut or your heart or your instincts.  It is about weighing the facts presented to you and making a decision.  And the prosecution failed to prove that Casey Anthony was guilty of First Degree murder.  They did a bad job.  They lost the case.  Their inability to properly prepare their case and be realistic with their charges resulted in this piece of scum to be out in the world, enjoying the freedom, the sunshine, the birds chirping and able to procreate once again.

The justice system did not fail Caylee.  The jurors did not fail Caylee.  The prosecution failed Caylee.  I take solace in knowing that she will be judged in a way far harsher than we could ever judge her, and an eternity of Hell is far longer than our life here on Earth.  And I know that Caylee is up above, playing with our angel babies and talking about the beautiful firework show they saw last night.

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Very well said. Such a sad story and incredible hard that someone could hurt a child :(