Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And she's off

That's right folks, after a month of rocking the "I'm gonna go from sitting to crawl position to back to sitting thing" and the I'm going to just roll, squirm and scooch to get wherever, she finally just took off tonight in her room.

I know 8 months old is a normal crawling age, but Kaitlyn crawled at 6 and it left me wondering.  Especially since it seemed like Samantha had wanted to crawl and tried to crawl but these:

12 1/2 inch ham-hocks she calls thighs were possibly hindering her.  I mean, her arms are skinny, her feet are tiny and her body isn't as chubby.

And of course, I have a Dr. Google problem, which had me at this article, you know, saying how kids that don't crawl by 9 months have problems later in school, which then led me to a search on obesity, which then led me on more searches and of course worries.  Which is what I did last night.  Her crawling today was a big relief, and we're so proud of her!

And just so share her excited face:

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She is so darling. That face she makes is SOOOOOO cute!!