Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh What Joys 2009 Can Bring

2009 is filled with lots of exciting updates for our family!

My new years resolutions are going great! I haven't had a problem with weight gain at all, it could be because by the time I set my new year's resolutions I was already 1 day or so pregnant! It's amazing what something as small as a grape does to your appetite!

This pregnancy is bringing a lot of emotions, everything from being excited, fearful, happy, nervous, sad, torn, thrilled and on and on and on.

My due date is September 30 (7 days after Matthew's). I will more than likely have a cesarean mid September (as long as I make it full term, fingers, toes, legs and eyes all crossed).

I'm already on restricted activity because of some bleeding, but everything else looks good. We saw the heart beat on Thursday at 125 bpm and the baby is measuring right on track!

We're also almost all the way into our new house! We're excited to have people over, especially this summer since the pool is gorgeous! And tempting!

We hope 2009 brings you much happiness!!

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