Monday, August 26, 2013

Potty Training

 One thing I know absolutely for sure about Samantha's personality is that she is incredibly stubborn.

I don't even think stubborn adequately describes it.  

She can hold out to get her way for a really long time.  Longer than Kaitlyn ever did.  Longer than I sometimes want to.  Long enough to make me question what we're even battling anyways. 

Potty training has been no different.

Samantha knows how to use the potty.  She knows when her body is ready for her to go.  She will run and tell you.  She just doesn't always feel like using the potty.  Which is fine.  But so frustrating.  She is on her way to being 3 this November, and I'm a little tired of cleaning up her poppy diapers.  Especially since they are so massive.  And stinky.  And, did I mention she's going to be 3?!

Originally, I had wanted to follow the new guidelines and wait until she was 3 to even begin. Then, one day she started taunting me when she used the bathroom in her diaper.  And I realized, she was beyond ready.  It would cut down on diaper rashes and she is really mature and expressive for her age.

So, about a month ago (she was 32 months), we potty trained in about a day and a half.  All it took was 1 jelly bean each time.  She would hold the last part of her pee, and go every 4 minutes to get as many jelly beans as possible.  She would go on her own, running to the toilet, using her step stool and then yelling super excited when she was done.  We even ventured to the store a couple times where she used the bathroom there as well.  All was going good.  I bought her some new jammies and panties as a job well done gift.  We just had to work on poop.  Only about half went into the toilet and the rest were accidents.  I seriously thought we were done.

Then, after a week, she said she didn't want to anymore.  No reasons.  No excuses.  No explanation.  I asked her why.  She said she didn't want to.  I offered a jelly bean.  Nope.  I offered a bike.  Nope.  I offered everything under the sun and it was still a big, fat no.

So, I backed off.  We went back to diapers for another week.  And now, if I don't even mention it, we will have a complete day without diapers or accidents without any prompting.  Followed by another day of the same.  Then, out of no where, a day of diapers.  I have to commend her for sticking to her guns so well...

In other Samantha news, she is growing like crazy!  

She's been off Benadryl for about 3 weeks now and mostly sleeping at night.  It was another issue of backing off. 

Once we hit the point of her taking a full dose and still staying up until 1-2 a.m., I knew it was a lost cause.  So, I stopped giving it to her, made sure her room was super safe and just started asking her to go to sleep.  Once she knew I wasn't forcing it anymore, she started going to sleep at 9:30 and sleeping for a full 12 hours.  We've had a couple of nights where she woke up, but she always goes back to sleep.

I stopped forcing her to brush her teeth and now she is begging to several times a day.

She has recently went through a growth spurt, so I really need to measure the princess.  And she's exploded where vocabulary is concerned.  She is talking all the time.  In complete paragraphs and asking questions.  She remembers things from months ago and mentions them in conversations.  She says some crazy stuff and always has a funny story.  For example, yesterday, she kept stealing Charlotte's puffs.  Then, she asked me to put on her wings.  I said no,  She was being mean to Charlotte.  She said she was not.  I told her "you took her treats." and she said "I did not!  My belly did!  Remember?"  And she has totally mastered the "Ugh Moooom" as well as tattling, keeping secrets, playing make believe with her dollies and just acting far older than I think she should be.  

I cannot believe she's going to be 3 so soon.

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