Wednesday, March 20, 2013

25% of the first year is gone

Charlotte is already 3 months old.

She's growing so fast.  I know I say that a lot, I know I've been through this before and know how fast it goes, but it feels like the days are going faster than ever before.  This month, she passed a couple of milestones, not only did she get her ears pierced, but she's also now older than Matthew lived to be.

Charlotte is up to 13 pounds, a pound and a half from last month (67%) and 24.5 inches long (86%).  She nurses every 2 hours during the day.  I swear, the has it down to the minute.  The exception is in the morning, typically she eats right when she wakes up and is starving an hour later.  We do a lot of cluster feeding at night too.  She's a great little nurser and spits up like nobody's business.  She's outgrown her 0-3 month clothes.  2 weeks ago, I had to pack them all up.  More for length than anything else.  Some of the 3-6 month things look to short all ready too!  She's in cloth diapers full time now and doing great.  She's on the smallest rise, and let me tell you, we got some super cute new ones, I just want to take her pictures in them all.  It's hard to remember sometimes that they are made primarily for holding poo and pee...

She is such a good sleeper.  I mean, amazing.  At about 8:30, she goes to sleep on her own.  She stays that way until about 10:30 and nurses for the last time of the night.  Usually, she sleeps until about 7:30 the next morning.  LOVE it.  She just lays on her back in her bassinet, her head to the side and both arms up by her head.  She wakes up in just the happiest moods and lays there for about 15 minutes before she shares how hungry she is.

She is a happy little girl.  She shares her smiles, loves to hug and snuggle, does great when I put her in her swing, chair or sleeper.  She's just so peaceful.

She is incredibly sweet and finds her big sisters to be hams.  Usually Kaitlyn is fighting for her attention and Samantha is fighting to take away her blanket, pacifier, chair or whatever else, declare that she is the baby and then beg to hold her.  She's taken to holding toys, loving mirrors, rolled over once (by accident) can scoot herself from one side of a blanket to the other on her back somehow and has some super strong kicking abilities.

I'm pretty sure she has us all wrapped around those perfect little fingers.

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