Thursday, January 3, 2013

2 weeks old and Happy New Year!

Yesterday, Charlotte turned 2 weeks old.  Wednesday morning, she had her 2 week check-up to make sure she's gaining weight and growing appropriately.  On Christmas Eve she was up to 8 lbs, down from her 8 lb 10 oz birth weight, and was 21" long, up from her 20" birth length 5 days prior.

Yesterday morning Charlotte was up to 8 lbs 9 oz.  Which is awesome.  She's also gained another 1/2" in her length, bringing her to 21 1/2".  She's a growing for sure!  And her eyes are so blue.  I think they are even bluer than Kaitlyn's were at this age.  They photograph dark still, but in person they are just bright and getting brighter through the day.  With how light her eyebrows and eye lashes are, I think she'll end up a blondy like Kaitlyn.  But, there are times she looks so much like Matthew in the face.

Samantha went in with me for a sick visit.  For the last few days, or nights rather, she's had an awful cough.  Only at night, without any other symptoms, and severe enough to keep her up until 4 AM.  Basically, we're not sure if it's asthma or a cold.  We're going to keep monitoring her and see how the cough goes.  We have her inhaler still that we can give her before bed, and some samples of all natural honey cough "medicine."

Charlotte's announcements (which are different from the photo shown above) are being printed as we speak and should hopefully be sent out by early next week.  If you'd like to receive one (and didn't receive a Christmas card) please be sure to send me an email with your current address:

2012, has most years, was filled with highs and lows.  We have been blessed to have had so many highs.  Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2013.

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