Thursday, April 19, 2012

17 months.

In less than a month, Samantha will be half way through her second year.  She has grown so much, each month it seems like she's closer to being a full blown kid and further and further away from being our little baby.  I know I'm slaking a little on this update, since it's been 4 days, but she likes to be on the go.  And on the go we have been!

That first paragraph, I did write on the 13th.  Obviously, I'm slacking.  HAHA.

So, let me fill you in on her.

Samantha talks.  A lot.  And a lot of people can understand her.  She repeats everything that she wants to and there are some things she'll say once and that's it.  It is as though she just wanted to prove so could say it, and that was it.   She loves to look at the pictures on the wall (and you know we have a gazillion) and say the names of the people in them.  She's started saying "CHEEEEESE" when a camera is pointed at her and she is quick to yell no at Kaitlyn when she's irritated.  She definitely communicates a lot.  And sometimes, she communicates in the form of throwing fits.  She throws herself on the ground, she screams, she tries to hit you away and on Wednesday she made the mistake of biting me until it broke through the skin.  You can easily tell if she is happy, sad, mad or anything else.

She is running everywhere.  Sometimes she falls, sometimes she doesn't.  She has finally (I don't know why I'm excited, I know how this turns out) started climbing up everything.  Typically, she falls.  She loves to dance, loves to sing songs and make faces.  She talks to her babies for nearly an hour after I put her in bed and she falls asleep.  Her favorite game is to walk in circles, over and over and over until she is so dizzy she falls.  Then, she does it again, or tries walking backwards.

If you are eating, she is your best friend.  It doesn't matter what it is, she wants a bite.  If she likes it, she's by your side until it's all the way gone.

At home, she's an amazing sleeper.  In the car, she sleeps good.  Anywhere else and there is little to no hope.  She still has constipation issues, she's been on her first plane ride, her hair is growing, she loves her sister and other kids, she hates hair bows, loves playing outside and Elmo, she walks around with her baby doll and tries to feed her, and next weekend, she'll not only walk for babies, but she'll go to LA with us to meet Victoria Justice!

She's amazing.


LauraJane said...

She's such a beautiful girl:)

Lori said...

Cannot believe they are already almost halfway through two!!!!!!! And yes, she IS amazing! So, so cute!