Monday, June 13, 2011

7 months old

Yes, I know I'm posting this a bit late, but we're still in San Antonio and the internet is so wonky lol.

Samantha is 7 months old now!  I can't tell you what she weighs or how long she is because I'm not near a scale or a measuring tape, but my back says at least 19 lbs and she has to be at least 27" long based on the ultra scientific forearm measuring tool.

She is a happy baby.  She loves everyone and smiles for just able all she comes into contact with.  She is awesome at sitting now, and when she wants to lay down now to roll around or whatever, she rocks herself harder and harder until she is on her back. She has her own method of crawling.  Dusty said "Oh great, she's going to be a weird crawler" as she lies on her back and inches her away across the room by putting her feet flat on the floor and uses them to push back.

She still says mostly dada, but a couple times I've caught her saying mama.  She is a total ham and if I bring out the camera it's big ol grin times!  She plays the cutest "night night" game where she hides her face like she's sleeping and when you say "good morning" she pops it up with a huge smile.  I need to get video of it.  She also loves to hide her face to play peek a boo.

Cloth diapering is going great. We're using disposable while on vacation and I swear it just makes me really, really miss my cloth.  Nearly all the diapers leak, they smell funky and she's getting a little rash :(

Samantha really likes toes.  She hates when people wear sunglasses or hats and will rip them off your face and withhold smiles until they are removed.  She hates having her nails clipped, but she loves playing with sister.  Sh isn't as fond of her stroller as she is of her bjorn, but she'll do great in it.

She is still nursing every 2 hours through the day and night.  She takes about 4 naps a day, 2 are over an hour and two are mini ones.  She is ready for bed by 8:30 every night and sometimes goes up to 3 hours without waking up.  I cherish those times :)

She still hates the car after dark, and really, by about 6:30, she wants to be at home doing our night time routine.  If we're out, she gets fussy, if we're home, she's happy and relaxed.

Other than nursing, she really does like food.  She's kinda over baby food, she wants real food that she can chomp her gums down on.  She way prefers fruits over veggies, and recently started juice every day to help her with her constipation issues.  She loves that.  She does really good on a sippy cup and recently we tried a cup and straw at Six Flags and she LOVED it.  Yay!  We also found her some rice flour baby cracker things that she just loves.  We also have been giving her puffs which she adores.  Although, she can't always get them into her mouth, so there will be 2-3 in her balled up fist that she's just trying to get into her mouth to no avail.  And still teething, but no teeth!

It's hard to believe that our little stinker is so close to turning 1!

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She is adorable!