Monday, April 5, 2010

8 Weeks Pregnant, 30 to go :)

Week 8 How Big is the Baby at Eight Weeks Pregnant?

By pregnancy week 8 your baby is anywhere from 14 to 20mm long, or about the size of a Lima bean! In fact, some women refer to their baby as their little 'bean' as they follow their pregnancy week by week. Though it is hard to believe, one day your little bean will grow into a full size baby!

Your Baby's Growth and Development

Your baby is doing a lot of growing during pregnancy 8 weeks. Up until this point in time your baby had a small tail... which starts to disappear this week, and your little one will soon have eyelids to cover his or her blossoming eyes. While the arms and legs are also lengthening, the fingers and toes are likely to still be webbed. Your baby's brain is also maturing during pregnancy week 8, as nerve cells begin to connect with one another, forming the groundwork for communication later in life.

Did you know the tip of your baby's nose is already formed by pregnancy 8 weeks? The lungs are also working hard at maturing, though they won't be fully mature until near term. However, tubes leading from your baby's throat to the lungs begin to form branches.

By week eight, your baby should have distinct elbows, which allow the arms to curve around the chest. Your baby's organs continue to develop with lightning quick speed. Before you have time to even blink an eye, your little one will resemble a miniature human being, complete with ten fingers, ten toes, skin, and all the body parts we all have!

Your Growth and Development
You are definitely starting to grow by 8 weeks pregnant. Though your uterus continues to expand, it is likely that you still are not showing much on the outside. This is particularly true of first time moms, though you will likely start feeling some tightening along your waistline. You may want to start looking for maternity jeans.

Your healthcare provider might tell you that your uterus is now about the size of a grapefruit by pregnancy at 8 weeks. That is a lot of progress from its pre-pregnancy state, where it was smaller than a plum!

Women who have been pregnant before often report showing sooner than they did with their first pregnancy. While it is not uncommon to not show until the fifth month the first time around, many moms report that they started showing as early as eight weeks with their second and third pregnancies. If you are carrying twins or triplets, you will start showing sooner than your singleton peers, as your babies will be taking up a lot more room in the uterus.

Changes in You

 During pregnancy at 8 weeks it is very likely that you have started to notice some breast changes. Aside from some tenderness you may notice that your breasts appear slightly enlarged. Most women will experience some breast growth during pregnancy week by week, particularly near the end of pregnancy when the breasts prepare to make breast milk for the baby. You may even start thinking of looking into nursing covers. These come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your fashion taste.

Your waistline may continue to seem thick to you, though onlookers will not be able to tell you are pregnant.

You are probably consumed with fatigue, and still battling some nausea. Remember that the symptoms associated with early pregnancy pass with time, and most women go on to find their pregnancies rewarding and enjoyable.

If you are having a particularly rough time with sore breasts, consider purchasing a supportive maternity bra . You should consider buying one a size or two bigger than your normal size, as you will need room to grow during pregnancy. A maternity bra may in fact be one of your very first purchases, even before you buy any maternity or baby clothes!

Some women notice some mild abdominal cramping midway through their first trimester. This is a very common experience and may continue for several weeks. The cramping is usually mild and does not cause any harm. Your physician may recommend you rest and stay off your feet if you are having abdominal cramping. Remember that your body is also accommodating a growing baby, and your uterus is stretching, a process that might cause some discomfort over time. However, if you have any unusual abdominal pain or cramping that is persistent and worrisome, or if you experience any cramping accompanied by bleeding, be sure to contact your healthcare provider's office right away.

You may be having a lower backache by now. This is common and is a result of the pressure the uterus is applying to the low part of the spine. You may be experiencing a sharp pain in your buttocks and along the side of your thigh as well. This is due to the uterus placing pressure on the sciatic nerve that innervates the buttocks and side of your leg. If these discomforts are troublesome, you may be asked to rest and have physical therapy.

Look for an update soon on everything from T-Ball to Easter and all the stuff inbetween.  I haven't been feeling that great (darn nausea!) and since I've banned my laptop because of the risk the electromagnetic waves present, I don't get on the computer too much :)  But, that should change soon I'm sure.  Tomorrow is my first prenatal appointment, I will update again then :)

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