Monday, January 8, 2007


Current mood: nauseated
Last week, I went to Urgent care for some pain in my jaw and ear. I was given antibiotics for a gum infection and told to see my dentist.

I did that this morning. I saw my dentist. I was not excited, but anxious to get this road behind me. I had my x-rays done and was left to watch one of those disgusting movies that shows what could happen if you don't brush. I became naseuated. I worried about losing my teeth.

I expected to hear the words root canal, cavity, small infection. What I did not expect was gum surgery. I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 17. I was always suprised that the holes never closed up. Well, one decided to. One actually got so excited at the thought of closing up that it grew too much. It grew over my other teeth. I needed to have immediate surgery to stop the pain and to save the teeth.

The dentist told me I was lucky, the periodontist just happened to be there now. So, I signed consent forms, moved rooms and prepared for gum surgery.

I received no fewer than 15 painful shots of novacaine throughout my mouth. It hurt like crazy. I then waited for 5 minutes while I became numb. Then, with a pick, some scissors and pliers they removed tissue the size of a marble. The clipped away at my gums, they sucked up what felt like gallons and gallons of blood. Then they grabbed the sewing needle and thread and began suturing. I tried to paid attention to her knots so I could practice them on Kaitlyn's pageant outfits, but I was trying not to look.

The novacaine is now wearing off. It hurts like hell. I want to go to bed for the next 3 weeks, until the sutures are removed. And to think, I thought I had just bit the inside of my cheek.

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