Thursday, September 14, 2006


A few things I've noticed the past couple of days…

Yesterday, Dusty and I were driving to pick up his car to take it to another repair shop. The car was at the Ford Dealership on Florin Road. It was about 5:30, while traffic was backed up on the freeway, all of the side streets were flowing nicely.

We were at a stop light when we noticed a boy, maybe 15 taking off down the street. We had no idea where he was going so fast and could only assume that he just recently got out of school or sports because he had his backpack off and we weren't far from Luther Burbank. After a moment, we saw why he was running so fast. There was a bus stop up ahead and the bus was barely ahead of him. The bus stopped, noticed he was running and ignored him. The bus was stopped for maybe 10 seconds, as this boy got to the bus, it took off. He chased after it for a moment then gave up.

Who in the hell does this bus driver think he/she is?? How dare you do that to a child?? Yes, I know busses need to run on a schedule, but how far behind would 10 seconds put him? What was he teaching this child? That if you run as fast as you can and try to do right then life can still pass you bye without a second glance?

Sure, he was probably 15, but that is still a child? Why does society feel such a need to be disrespectful and unable to budge when it comes to the well being of a child?

I was livid. Let me tell you, that bus driver is lucky that I am not that boys mother because I would be raising so much hell right now…

Kaitlyn had a shoot in San Francisco this morning. I love San Francisco. There are things about San Francisco that I don't like and many, many reasons I would never live there though.

I will not be the slightest bit surprised when San Francisco decides to become its own state, hell, I won't be surprised when it becomes its own country and leaves the Union. In so many ways, I think it's halfway there. Look at the new laws being introduced into San Francisco: the higher minimum wage, the no handgun legislation, the social programs, the constant disregard and disrespect of laws that are in effect for the state and the country.

I can handle the anti-conservative vibe, talk and outcry in San Francisco. I can handle being considered a bigot because I am in favor of immigration, I can handle being cold hearted for my views on the sanctity of marriage, and I can even handle being a war mongrel for supporting the president and the war. I can handle those things because I know that I believe what is right for me based on my life, lifestyle and experiences. Liberals do the same. I like to think I'm not as hateful about it though.

What I cannot handle is how ugly they have allowed the city to become. San Francisco is supposed to be a landmark, a tourist attraction, a beautiful city by the sea. In reality I would be ashamed and embarrassed to take friends or family that are visiting to that city. People leave their garbage EVERYWHERE. Liter is all over the streets. Homeless people are forceful and harassing if you do not give them money. The worst though is this: How can a city allow billions after billions to be spent on gorgeous sky scraper buildings that look amazing from so far away to CONSTANTLY be enveloped in graffiti?? Seriously, why isn't something being done to prevent it, clean it, prosecute those doing it and preserving the beauty of the city? I HATE that when I am on the opposite side of the bay bridge in Emeryville I look at the city with such amazement and such an awe of respect for the incredible beauty that it is, yet when I am exiting the bay bridge in Downtown San Francisco, I am totally disgusted by the graffiti everywhere. I despise filth, I truly do.

Well, that's my rant for the day

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