Saturday, March 25, 2006


Let's see, for a couple of months now (excluding the sick days) I have been consuming a whole lotta calories. 4 Ensure Pluses a day (360 calories in each 8 ounce bottle) lots of good carbs and food and I haven't gained a pound. Actually, I've lost 3.

So, before the doctor thought it was the breastfeeding. I was burning more calories than I could consume. It's been 8 months since breastfeeding, which is when I weighed in at 104. Yesterday it was 101. With clothes on.

The doctor said that it was incredibly rare that I could have this problem. The IUD has levels of progesterone in it that causes nearly 95% of women to be at least 15 pounds overweight because it acts as such an appetite stimulant.

It's obvious that the IUD is working, no baby, and there is a proper amount of progesterone because it's starting to cause my face to break out.

About a year ago, I had so many tests, ultra sounds and blood work done I thought I would die. She wants to test the blood again to make sure my thyroid is acting normally.

But, everything else is perfectly healthy, I'm no longer anemic, my hair and nails are growing strong and it's obvious I get the necessary vitamins every day.

So, it's purely cosmetic. She said she wished more of her patients came in wanting to gain instead of wanting gastric bypass.

Dr. Petrovich told me that a lot of times, hormones change your metabolism during pregnancy and it doesn't return to normal afterwards. Most times, it slows it down, but in rare cases, it speeds it up. She thinks that since I'm 12 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, that is the culprit. She thinks that with subsequent pregnancies it can reverse or go back to normal, but that'll have to wait.

So, on Monday, I have to give more blood and that is being referred to an endocrinologist for further analysis.

And that was what fun I had yesterday afternoon. I see some of you had a different kind of fun haha.

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